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My name is Kieran Craft and my pronouns are he/him/his. I'm a graphic designer whose expertise lies in branding, print, and digital design. I strongly believe that empathy is at the heart of design, and this always serves as the foundation of my strategic, research-based approach to the design process.

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Organic white splotch shape featuring a logomark made up of rounded shapes that create an abstract "KC" in salmon, blue, and mustard.
Organic off-white splotch shape featuring an illustration of stationary, an envelope, a mug, a business card, and a pen. They are made up of various shades of salmon color and feature a small crescent logo.
Brand identity
the foundation
I love crafting (pun intended) a brand from the ground up. Whether you need a logo, business cards, stationery, or a full branding package, you have come to the right place!
Organic off-white splotch shape featuring an illustration of a tri-fold brochure with text and images. It is made up of various shades of salmon color.
Print design
the page
From flyers and brochures to resumes and signage, I would love to work with you to develop effective and eye-catching print collateral that will help your message be heard loud and clear.
Organic off-white splotch shape featuring an illustration of a desktop computer monitor. It is in various shades of salmon and resembles a an iMac monitor.
Digital design
the screen
Social media graphics, online ads, digital screens, video title screens and end cards, and more — these assets are vital to being visible in the digital space. I'd love to help you craft your online presence!

Check out some of my work!

Organic blue splotch shape with an image of a corporate banking fact sheet layout overlaid. There is a header featuring headline text over a gray background and an image of a business person smiling. The body of the piece features some dark blue headlines and black body copy, as well as some light gray boxes with different colored icons. The main colors are gray and dark blue, with some teal and orange accents.
Organic blue splotch shape with a mockup of a box overlaid. The box is an even cube shape, photographed on an angle, and displays one side with an orange-yellow gradient and another with a teal-blue gradient. There are images of young children on each side, holding books and smiling, with white shapes behind them. The top border of the  box is a darker blue, and there are white dots along some of the edges.
Organic blue splotch shape with a mockup of an ATM screen overlaid. The screen features a light gray gradient background, an image of an ATM with a banker's face on the screen to the left, and an orange speech bubble icon and copy reading "Tap the screen for a one-to-one banker experience" to the right.
Organic blue splotch shape with an image of an infographic overlaid. The design features illustrations of a tortoise and a hare combined with retirement graphs. The main colors are orange and gray, with blue and green accents.
Organic blue splotch shape with a mockup of a light gray t-shirt overlaid. The shirt features gray, blue, and orange text that reads "This is how community comes together," with many subtle gray icons in a circle behind the copy. The icons all represent LGBTQ+ history and community - including rainbows, the trans and gay/lesbian symbols, triangles, and more - as well as the PNC logo.
Organic blue splotch shape with mockup of a phone screen that shows the various slides of a social media carousel post. This one features a lock graphic and monetary information about locking in mortgage rates.
Organic blue splotch shape with a mockup of a brochure cover. The cover is a modern design, with a gray background, 3 images of business people across the top of the page, and an orange bar behind the title of the brochure. The title is "Drop In to Win: A Proven PNC Prospecting Tactic."
Organic blue splotch shape with an image three different email template layouts overlaid. Each of them features different sections and a combination of gray and orange as the color palette.
Organic blue splotch shape with a mockup of a postcard overlaid. The card has a dark blue background and features various infographic/statistical elements in lime green, coral, light teal blue, and white. The title is "Why Pitt is Going Tobacco-Free..."

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The first slide of an Instagram post. It features an off-white background with rounded shapes in salmon, blue, and white, and Kieran Craft's logomark in the top right corner. In the center of the post is the text "The spookiest thing I can think of is..."An Instagram post with a salmon-colored background that features rounded shapes in a slightly lighter color. Over the background is phone and laptop mockup that displays KieranCraft.com.Instagram post from @kierankcraft that features Kieran Craft's logo on an off-white background. The salmon, blue, and mustard-colored logo includes the name Kieran Craft and a logomark that uses rounded shapes to represent an abstract "KC."