The Fainting
Couch Salon

about the project

The Fainting Couch is a Pittsburgh-based hair salon that aims to provide a unique salon experience for their clients. This salon features luxury services that are customized yet affordable for "the top of your head to the soles of your feet."

The salon needed a visual identity that would clearly portray The Fainting Couch as vintage, eclectic, elegant, edgy, and inclusive.

design challenges

The Fainting Couch is heavily inspired by Victorian and vintage aesthetics, but it was also important to the client to make it clear that their business is a modern, welcoming, inclusive salon environment. I was tasked with bringing these contrasting elements together to create a unique, eye-catching, and effective brand identity for the salon.

design solutions

Through customizing an ornamental (yet still clearly legible) typeface and introducing striking decorative elements that call back to Victorian era motifs, I was able to create a memorable logo system. The clean, minimalist star and couch iconography — as well as the complementary typefaces chosen for the salon's branding — bring a familiar and modern touch to the vintage-inspired design.

These contrasting visual references, combined with the brand's eye-catching jewel tone color palette, successfully sets The Fainting Couch apart from its competitors and highlights this brand as offering a unique salon experience.