Art Beat

about the project

Art Beat Studio is an educational performing arts studio teaching music, theatre, and dance to students of all ages. The new studio needed a creative and eye-catching visual identity that reflected its passionate, supportive, welcoming, creative, educational, and fun environment. This branding will be used across the studio's social media accounts and on various print assets including signage, t-shirts, and posters.

design challenges

The client wanted a dynamic brand identity that could speak both to Art Beat Studio as one entity while also being able to highlight each of the studio's separate educational offerings. I was tasked with creating these many logo iterations while ensuring that the brand remained focused and cohesive. In order to create an effective branding system, it was also important that the studio's audience can clearly identify and understand each of these iterations.

design solutions

I was able to create a functional and unique branding system for the studio that met the client's specific needs through the creation of individual icons and color palettes. Each individual logo icon references one of the studios three artistic focuses — music, theatre, and dance. All three icons also incorporate a heart into the design, calling back to the "heartbeat" reference in the name Art Beat Studio, and further ensuring that each version of the logo is cohesive.

From these individual logos, a combined logo layout featuring all three of the brand's icons and colors was created in order to represent Art Beat Studio as a whole. This system provides the client with a simple way to visually define whether they're speaking to an specific program offering or all of Art Beat Studio.