Great Big
Book Drive

about the project

PNC Grow Up Great holds an annual drive to collect new and gently-used books for children up to the age of five. To kick off the event for 2020, the client needed a large collection box to place in bank branches, a flyer and poster to advertise the drive, a sign and digital screen to direct customers to the box and donation information, stickers to identify the donated books, and social media graphics to promote the event.

design challenges

The biggest challenge surrounding this project was an incredibly tight turn-around time for a such a large array of pieces. I had to work very quickly to create concepts that would fit in with the previous years’ Great Big Book Drive look, while also introducing new, out-of-the-box (pun intended) elements.

design solutions

The previous year, Grow Up Great’s look focused around a motif of multi-colored dots, imagery of young children, and other colorful design elements — all on white backgrounds. For my design, I kept the same type of imagery while inverting the color schemes. I utilized colorful gradient backgrounds and large, graphic shapes. I also included last year’s dot motif — but this time, in white. The client was incredibly happy with the updated, unique take on their existing design that was still clearly recognizable as their Great Big Book Drive event.

A mockup of a cube-shaped box from three different angles, over a blue background. The sides of the box alternate from a yellow-orange gradient to a teal-blue gradient. The main side features copy that reads "Great Big Book Drive," and two of the sides features images of children holding books and smiling, overlaid on white shapes. The top of the box has a thick, dark blue border.A mockup of a poster, over a salmon-colored background. The header and footer are blue. The main headline section features a yellow-orange gradient and bold blue copy reading "Great Big Book Drive," next to an image of a child holding a book. Below, there is more copy with details about the book drive, alongside another image of a happy child holding a book.A mockup of an iPhone over a mustard background. The phone features a Facebook post that consists of a yellow-orange gradient background and an image of a child holding a book. The image headline is "Donate a book. Inspire a love of learning."A mockup of a digital screen over a blue background. The screen features a yellow-orange gradient and the headline "Great Big Book Drive" in bold, blue text, next to an image of a child holding a book. The white body copy along the bottom of the screen features a blue background.