about the project

All of this design work was completed while I was attending university. I worked on these various projects as an intern for the University of Pittsburgh's Student Affairs marketing department, as Communications Director for Pitt's Rainbow Alliance, and for freelance clients. Some of the work featured here were personal projects, as well.

A mockup of two postcards over a blue background. The cards have a dark blue background and feature various infographic/statistical elements in lime green, coral, light teal blue, and white. The title is "Why Pitt is Going Tobacco-Free..."A mockup of a poster over a salmon-colored background. The poster served as an ad for a student-led drag show event called Panther Drag, and features vector illustrations of an eye and lips in Pitt-colored drag makeup (that is, blue and gold).A series of three poster mockups over a mustard background. The posters all incorporate rounded rectangles and a red, white, and teal color palette, as well as a large Jumpstart logo.A mockup of a poster over a blue background. The poster served as an ad for a student triathlon-type event. The design features a textured, dark blue background with white arcs that resemble the lines on a basketball court. There is also a large circular graphic in the center with icons over a blue and green background which represent each event - dash, calisthenics, agility, and strength.A mockup of a poster over a salmon-colored background. The poster served as an ad for a prom event called Rainbow Bright Prom. the poster's design features pink headline text that looks like a neon sign, and a teal-purple gradient background with a bokeh light effect.An image of a greeting card behind removed from a black envelope, over a mustard background. The card features an illustration of colorful, anthropomorphized cocktails over a pink-purple gradient background. They are all smiling and saying "Happy 21st birthday, pal! Don't drink too much!" within a white speech bubble.Mockups of a homecoming campaign poster, Facebook banner shown on a laptop, and Instagram post shown on an iPhone, over a blue background. Each of the designs shares a similar, seafoam green and dark teal textured background with the tagline "Settle for Me" and a photo of the candidate, Marcus Robinson.A mockup of three chocolate bars over a salmon-colored background. The packaging is all charcoal gray with an almond shape at the center. Each bar's shape is filled with a different gradient and texture to represent the various flavors. They also all feature a minimalist wordmark logo at the top in white which reads "Cocoloco" with the tagline "From bean to bar."A two-panel vector illustration over a mustard background. The top panel features a pale hand reaching out with a dark blue sleeve and the copy "Keep your eyes" repeated in the background. The lower panel shows a pale hand reaching up toward the top panel, also with a dark blue sleeve. This panel finishes the Sherlock television show quote with "fixed on me."  A typographic poster displayed over a blue background. The poster features a wooden table with an egg, rolling pin, and blue and white plaid tablecloth sitting at the edges of the frame. In the center, lyrics from the Broadway musical Waitress are written out using the various baking products that they name - "Sugar, butter, flour."A vector illustration of the musicians Tegan and Sara over a salmon-colored background. The illustration itself is mainly shades of brown and peach, and the two faces do not include eyes.Two vector illustrations over a mustard background. The first is a portrait of Yuna from the video game Final Fantasy X, over a salmon-colored background. The second is Lulu from the same game, over a teal background.