C&IB Email

about the project

PNC's Corporate & Institutional Banking group wanted new templates developed for their emails. Previously, each line of business included within this group used a different template, and they wanted the new templates to bring cohesion to the groups.

design challenges

The templates needed to be customizable in order to distinguish each line of business, while keeping with the same overall look that is identifiably C&IB. They also needed to be simple enough to be coded and edited by the group's email team each time they wanted to send one out.

design solutions

I developed three email template concepts for the client to choose from, each of which featured a header image and accent color that could be customized for each line of business. While building the templates, I broke the design down into separate sections that would serve the content needs of the C&IB group and could easily be placed into or removed from the template by the email coding team in order to build each individual email.

Three different email template layouts over a blue background. Each of them is broken into different sections and features gray and orange as the main color palette.