Retirement Compounding Infographics

about the project

PNC's Investing and Retirement had created an animated video that promotes starting early on saving for retirement through a twist on the tale of The Tortoise and the Hare. The group wanted a series of infographics to be created to help advertise the video across various platforms — including a PDF to be shared on their website and through email, Linkedin posts, and Pinterest ads.

design challenges

For this project, I was tasked with translating a five-minute-long video into easily digestible infographics. The illustrations featured in the video needed to be incorporated and the piece had to fit in with other PNC Investing and Retirement materials. The main infographic also needed to easily be broken up into smaller pieces to feature in social media posts.

design solutions

I tied the main infographic into the video by featuring the textures used in its title screens within the header and footer of the piece. I also used the tortoise and hare illustrations throughout, coding information associated with each character in green or blue respectively, making it easy to follow. The other design elements used throughout the piece are clean and simple so as to be cohesive with the rest of the brand even while having a more playful, youthful look. I also broke the information up into clearly-defined sections so that it would be simple to develop accompanying Pinterest and Linkedin posts.

A tall, vertical infographic over a blue background. The design features the headline "The Power of Compounding," illustrations of a tortoise and a hare, and retirement-related graphs and statistics. The main colors are orange and gray, with blue and green accents.A mockup of three iPhones over a salmon-colored background. The phones display Pinterest posts that feature smaller versions of the main infographic, consisting of bold orange elements and illustrations of a tortoise and hare, in green and blue, respectively.